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We are a spin-off company of the University of Milano-Bicocca, born to support and help companies for a go-to-market of innovation “responsible by design”.

Thanks to our multidisciplinary skills and experiences, we face the challenges of the 4.0 transition and Artificial Intelligence, offering solutions to reconfigure organisational and business models with a “responsibility and sustainability view”.


People dealing with: Artificial Intelligence, Transition 4.0, Digital health, R&D and Innovation, IoT Ecosystems, Brand Equity, Supply chain & Logistics 4.0, Legal & Compliance , Risk Management, SDGs Sustainable Development Goals, Environmental, Social, Governance, Cybersecurity and Privacy.

People who have the aptitude not only to experience change but also to make it feasible by anticipating technical and regulatory developments.

To companies that want to differentiate themselves from standardisation and no longer be followers and observers but players in the transformation.


We support our clients in the achievement of their strategic and operational autonomy, considered in the light of the responsibility and sustainability of the company’s innovation processes. We enable the transformation, we ensure that it stabilises and we make sure that the innovation cycle is complete: from the idea to its implementation.

Through our Centre for Responsible Innovation, the ReD OPEN FACTORY, we propose solutions that originate from the co-design and co-creation of operational models, rules and methodologies, starting from the needs of those who come to us: people and companies who wish to engage in a process of exchange of experiences useful for successfully facing digital transformation.

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