Innovation implies a change in the rules of the game.”

“The social impact of digital innovation in fast-changing socio-economic environments calls for a responsible and sustainable digital transformation that safeguard the company time-to-market”

ReD OPEN srl (Responsibility and Design in Open Ecosystem) was founded in February 2019 from ReD Open Bicocca Research Group, an academic research group of the Law Department at Bicocca’s University of Milan. The Group serves as a hub, connecting universities, companies and their markets. Since 2020 ReD OPEN is listed in the "Startup innovative" italian public register.

Today we are agents of change, promoting sustainability and development of companies in an open ecosystems, providing methods and tools for innovation governance.

We are a catalyst for innovation and we guarantee an effective time-to-market for innovative products while balancing four key dimensions: technological, ethical, legal and economic.

Our vision is to promote responsible actions to promote sustainable digital transformation.

Our mission is to help companies and people working in digital innovation to marry sustainability and corporate responsibility with data governance strategies.