ReD OPEN s.r.l. is a spinoff company of the University of Milano – Bicocca also registred as Innovative Startup and certified according to ISO 9001 standards.


Its mission is to provide models, tools and know-how to:

  • Guide companies to align holistic data governance policies and processes with their sustainabilityand corporate responsibility
  • Support strategicand competitive decisions aimed at full and measurable corporate sustainability.
  • Raise people's awareness about opportunities and risks for privacy and corporate responsibility arising from digital transformation and Artificial Intelligence usage.
  • Transfer to companies a holistic data governance model that provides transparency and responsible relations with all the stakeholders involved in digital transformation



Holistic Data Governance Framework, HoloGovernance and Ianum™ Platform are the tools that ReD OPEN's multidisciplinary team employs to enable operational and decision-making autonomy of companies and their go-to-market processes.


To find out more about ReD OPEN visit www.redopenletter.it