IANUM is an ecosystem of micro services designed security & privacy-by-design. It allows to safely handle user authentication and personal data using smartphones for authentication and to uniquely identify users.

IANUM is your exclusive toolbox to govern user data in an immediatetransparent and secure way.

The platform provides ready-to-use tools to manage your customers’ data and privacy consents and to process your users’ registration by enabling passwordless authentication.

Through its asymmetric and multi-level encryption system, your customers’ personal data will be inaccessible to IANUM and visible only to your company and the user.

According to your specific needs, IANUM allows you to create your own customized service package with a choice between:

1 – A passwordless authentication system;

2 – A tool to manage users’ personal data with end-to-end encryption security;

3 – An in-Ianum consent management;

4 – A single sign-on identity provider

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