Loyalty action-based, responsible and low-data

The loyalty relationships of companies with their customers are increasingly organized in single-brand platforms, the company's own, closed and which prevent exchanges between people belonging to different "environments" and consequently different brands.

A company-customer relationship that can be summed up in terms of purchasing actions, marketing automation and reward techniques or anything else that is useful for a profiling that is increasingly driven to predict or lead purchasing behaviour.

On the other hand, people perform actions contributing to the common interest and having a social value, which in economics is called positive outward appearance. Each of us, on a daily basis, can do something socially useful, appreciate what others do for us, or make room for sustainability initiatives.

beHive is the project that aims to build a partnership between people based on the sharing of actions carried out in line with shared values between people and companies oriented towards corporate responsibility and sustainability

An app-based solution through which each business ecosystem will be able to identify and define affiliation patterns to its own consumer community promoting responsible individual practices and a multi-brand synergy able to give a differentiating competitive advantage.

beHive can be set up by companies, is based on WOM, a system developed by Digit srl, and is a tool with which to actively involve people in the company social responsibility.

beHive is based on a low-data approach where data is only a representation, anonymous, showing what leads cooperation relationships and people's behaviour.

beHive's aim is to give people the opportunity to develop communities in line with their values, generating social and economic exchanges that contribute to the well-being of the entire community and provide tangible feedback on the corporate social responsibility profile.

A product that can be configured and integrated with simplicity that allows for innovation in terms of individual responsibility, through anonymous but visible and tangible actions. 

beHive is a project of ReD OPEN srl in partnership with Digit srl.