Holistic Data Governance

The suite of products for the go to market of innovation

Holistic Data Governance is an advisory product designed to respond to the concrete problems that innovative companies face on the topic of Data Governance and related to the use of artificial intelligence in sustainable business contexts, increasingly responsible and interested in corporate social accountability.

A product dedicated to companies willing to lead the digital transformation in a responsible way and implement prevention processes that mitigate risks and amplify the opportunities of sustainable innovation.

A product that can be set up following a path made up of microservices such as:

- Holistic Privacy Risk Audit

- Holistic Privacy Risk Design

- Holistic Privacy Risk Check-up

A product developed to implement and evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of innovation-driven change in terms of economic, environmental and human sustainability.

Holistic Data Governance is designed to support organizations in the development of projects and strategies through methods and techniques tailored to the space and context in which they fit and their go to market projects.

The aim is to shape ecosystems where technology, data and machines without bias, support the human being in the evolution towards a business community using innovative tools and following regulated processes without the role of the tool prevailing over the person.

In addition Holistic Privacy Risk Services, a series of professional services to bridge the gap between digital technologies, regulations and their application within open business ecosystems.