The Data Governance tool useful for those who must take decisions

It is the Data Governance tool useful for those who must have strategic decision-making power in the company regarding the use of the company's information assets, their security and protection.

A tool for careful governance of personal data that today represents a competitive advantage for the company and must become an essential component of its business strategies.

Designed for the governance of personal data, it enables the decision-making and strategic power of managers in the company thanks to:

- operational and strategic independence on rights, privacy and cybersecurity issues as part of the company's data governance;

- the development of employee awareness;

- the unified management of all the requirements necessary to comply with the GDPR.

It is also composed of a series of add-ons that help the path of adoption of digital awareness of companies, through the possibility for people to be responsible for their actions as they are aware of the risks and regulatory constraints on the subject of data processing and privacy.

1 - The Privacy & Security Compass is the add-on dedicated to the need to promote a risk culture aimed at the prevention of digital hazards. Thanks to a series of thematic modules (Privacy Awareness; Cyber-Security Awareness; Business Continuity and Incident Management Awareness; 231 Awareness) the solution makes it possible to carry out a continuous and repeated cultural dissemination process so as to tailor the solution to the needs of the individual customer.

The solution also integrates tools for pre-assessment and measurement of training needs, including models through which to assess the level of sensitivity of users and their ability to recognize and react correctly to fraudulent or potentially dangerous e-mails for the entire company, as well as issues related to privacy.

The platform can be accompanied by the Holistic Privacy Risk Check-up product suitable for the needs of all companies and designed on the basis of models developed by our multidisciplinary team around the topics of Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA), Risk Management, Corporate Responsibility and Business Continuity.

2 -  Privacy Journey, the add-on to provide in a single point all the information necessary to respond to customer inquiries about the possession and validity of data by companies, while maintaining the platforms already in use. A system able to interact with company repositories ensuring an easy and immediate user experience.