ReD OPEN Factory


Sustainable dissemination, co-creation and co-design of rules, models and operational methodologies for the digital transition’s governance.

To implement a sustainable and responsible digital transformation of open ecosystems.

To lead and assist companies in their ‘responsible by design’ go-to-market processes.

The initiative that faces the challenges of digital transformation with a collaborative and participatory approach. Choose with us the most suitable solution for your organisation:

For those who are wondering “how to” with regard to the challenges of the digital transition:

  • GDPR 2.0
  • Compliance Embedded Technology
  • AI/ML Decision Support for Innovation
  • Digital Business Processes 
  • Perimetro Cibernetico
  • Authority Proceedings on Digital Innovation  

For those who have achieved a level of “readiness” and are ready to approach topics such as:

  • AI Impact Assessment
  • Digital Identity Management
  • Data Protection Management
  • Informed consent

For those who have reached a level of ‘maturity‘ and want to seize the day:

  • Industrial IoT & Servitization Compliance
  • Governance of Innovation & Risk Management Culture
  • Digital Preservation Ownership
  • Data Trust

And which path is your company following?

If you recognise yourself in one of the paths, if you are curious and want to ask us some questions or if you want to became a Digital Innovation “Challenger”, please contact us.

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