ReD OPEN is a spin-off of the University of Milan-Bicocca, registered in the directory of innovative start-ups. Since its foundation in 2019, it has been committed to promoting a mindful and responsible approach to digital transformation and the design and use of artificial intelligence tools.

ReD OPEN’s mission is to promote a conscientious and responsible approach to digital transformation. It emphasises its commitment to upholding ethical standards, protecting privacy and addressing the wider societal impact of technology integration.

Our history, main milestones:


ReD OPEN becomes a member of a European consortium formed to craft a project proposal focusing on enhancing the cybersecurity competencies of citizens via specialized training. This quadrennial project is submitted in response to the Call for Proposal DIGITAL-2022-SKILLS-03, as part of the Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL).

Survey: come gli italiani percepiscono l’IA

“Come gli italiani percepiscono l’Intelligenza Artificiale” is the title of the survey unveiled by Prof. Renato Mannheimer at the event on June 20th titled “Communicating Artificial Intelligence – A Responsible Approach.” The event featured participation from Nicola Marino of Haier, who introduced hOn, an application that employs AI in a responsible manner, and Marianna Sala of CORECOM Lombardia.

AI Check&Go™: self-assessment questionnaire release

The first companies initiated their self-assessment journeys in May to be ready and resilient in the face of the regulatory storm unfolding in the corporate world, all while anticipating the EU AI Act. The product, set to be unveiled at the conference on June 20th, is introduced as an instrument to responsibly unlock innovation’s potential.

ResponsAbility by design framework & RIT

The Holistic Data Governance Framework has been rebranded as the ResponsAbility by Design Framework, while the Awareness Raising Workshops have transitioned into the Responsible Innovation Transfer (RIT). This redefined framework encapsulates the hands-on experience that the ReD OPEN team has garnered since 2019, covering areas like data protection, AI, privacy, change management, corporate structuring, and academic research.

Cittadino digitale: 3rd edition of Bicocca Privacy Day

The number of attendees is growing, along with the speakers who are bringing their experiences to the table on the subject of data protection and privacy, taking advantage of the “Data Protection Day”. This international day, designated by the Council of Europe, is committed to safeguarding the personal data of individuals.

ReD OPEN becomes a member of the Italbiotech consortium


ReD OPEN becomes part of Italbiotech, a leading innovation ecosystem consisting of startups, companies, and universities in the field of biotechnologies. Within this framework, cooperation and the exchange of knowledge act as catalysts for growth and sustainable innovation.

End of Year Conference: “AI Governance”

Annual Conference of ReD OPEN FACTORY  – “Governare e valutare gli impatti e i rischi delle persone sull’uso e la progettazione di tecniche di Intelligenza Artificiale”

Cittadino digitale: “La trasformazione digitale del trattamento sanitario”

The steady growth and widespread adoption of connected devices within the medical realm have unveiled scenarios and advantages previously unimaginable until a few years ago. Nonetheless, this advancement has also initiated ethical and legal discussions concerning the employment of “intelligent” instruments in such a delicate field. In light of this, the notebook “The Digital Transformation of Healthcare Treatment” has been published.

Cittadino digitale: “E liberaci dal malware”

Two moments aimed at heightening individuals’ awareness of issues that are intrinsic to daily life, involving the use of tools that subject us to risks and hazards. A public gathering with the general populace and junior high school students will be held to discuss matters of privacy and security.

Biomedicale & Holistic Data Governance Framework

The Holistic Data Governance Framework is witnessing its initial application within a competitive business project, aimed at developing new products in the biomedical and biotechnology domains.

Cittadino digitale: “Governare l’IA”

Governare l’intelligenza artificiale. Spunti per la progettazione di sistemi di intelligenza artificiale legali, etici e robusti” A notebook focusing on a topic that is becoming ever timelier and more significant has been released.

Consent & Privacy Project

ReD OPEN initiates the Consumer Consent & Privacy Compliance Process Management project. This project is designed for the integrated management of processes connected to user consents regarding the usage of cookies and tracking technologies, as well as for updating privacy notices across the digital ecosystem (comprising around 120 websites and apps) of a multinational client company that is experiencing continuous expansion.

Cittadino digitale: 2nd edition of Bicocca Privacy Day

We are now in the second edition of the event that takes place in conjunction with “Data Protection Day”, an international day designated by the Council of Europe to focus on the protection of personal data of individuals.

Customer Lifecycle Management


Initiating support for the deployment of a Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) system in the context of a multinational entity, where matters of accountability, data protection, and organizational efficiency are articulated through procurement processes.

Project “Paperless”

ReD OPEN, in collaboration with the Department of Law at the University of Milano-Bicocca, is contributing to the “Paperless” project. This initiative aims at dematerialization, reorganization, and optimization of communication and document management workflows within small and medium-sized legal practices.

Falling Walls Conference 2021

ReD OPEN is a finalist at the Falling Walls Conference 2021 with its presentation of the Holistic Data Governance Framework.

Industrial PhD “A Governance for Artificial Intelligence”

ReD OPEN launches an industrial PhD scholarship in advanced apprenticeship at the Department of Law of UNIMIB, focusing on the theme “A Governance for Artificial Intelligence”.


Introducing ReD OPEN FACTORY, the study center of ReD OPEN, which is being unveiled at Bicocca’s Innovation Pub.


ReD OPEN became a spin-off!

ReD OPEN became a participated spin-off of the University of Studies Milano Bicocca. This affiliation furthers the cultural dissemination of digital responsibility and data protection for individuals, while also initiating the process of mediation and technological transfer with companies.

Awareness Raising Workshop

Initial workshops on “Holistic Data Governance Framework” – Awareness Raising Workshop – for a multinational corporation in the healthcare sector. The objective is to bring to attention and heighten awareness of topics that are typically removed from the discussions at C-Level decision-making tables, since they are usually delegated to operational roles. Nonetheless, these topics now require evaluation beyond mere operational approaches.

Cittadino digitale: 1st edition of Bicocca Privacy DAY


Privacy Day at Bicocca was organized by the Department of Legal Informatics at the University of Milano-Bicocca, in collaboration with ReD Open, with the aim of raising awareness among citizens regarding the protection of their personal data.

Digital Citizen: ‘The general principles of health data processing

The notebook ‘I principi generali del trattamento dei dati sanitari’ is published both in print and PDF versions, underlining the beginning of a collaboration with the publishing house ‘Le Edizioni.

Borsa della ricerca 2020

ReD OPEN participates in the Borsa della ricerca and presents to attending companies the project: ‘Holistic Data Governance Framework.

ReD OPEN becomes innovative start-up

Turning privacy into a point of differentiation and a competitive lever based on sustainability and social responsibility criteria. The prestigious nomination to the Falling Walls Conference confirms the importance of a new ‘Privacy by Design’ vision in the digital economy.

Cittadino digitale: : The ReD OPEN Notebooks are born (vol 1 and 2)

The serie “I quaderni di ReD Open” was created to disseminate information and news useful for safely dealing with the current process of strong digitalisation. The first of the two volumes speaks about the cybersecurity and the regulatory framework of the National Cybersecurity Perimeter, relevant topics during the health emergency.

Managing data protection requests

Launch of a multi-year program for monitoring and managing requests for the exercise of rights by interested parties within a multinational company in the field of designing and B2B/B2C selling of IoT products.

IoT & Holistic Data Governance Framework


The Holistic Data Governance Framework sees its first implementation in a competitive business project, involving the development of new products and a European organizational/corporate theme on IoT and digital ecosystems. This three-year initiative will lead the concerned company to adopt artificial intelligence techniques in its applications by 2023.

Cittadino digitale: Data between digital sovereignty and national interest

The conference addresses the issue from three different perspectives: firstly the role of individuals in terms of privacy protection, secondly the role of public administration primarily concerning the ‘security perimeter’, and, finally, the businesses for the safeguarding of the economic value of data.

Holistic Data Governance Blueprint

Adopted by a major multinational client of the ‘Holistic Data Governance blueprint’, a result of a joint effort between ReD OPEN and the client which analyses and sets problems related to organizational dynamics, as well as countermeasures to mitigate risks associated with the management and protection of information in business processes.

Cittadino digitale: Data-Ethics and the Governance of Digital Responsibility

A day organized with AIS ISA, under the patronage of the Department of Law of the University of Milano Bicocca, which aims to put to the centre of the day’s conversation the theme of responsibility that daily involves us as people, as citizens and as individuals with various identities and roles. This responsibility is especially pertinent as we experience digital transformations in society and businesses.




• ReD OPEN is born, and the slogan ‘Responsibility & Design in Open Ecosystems’ already outlines the company’s mission: supporting and promoting a responsible approach towards digital transformation and Artificial Intelligence both in businesses and with activities dedicated to the Cittadino Digitale and individuals.